Flote Your Tablet in the Air With the New Floor Stand

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The Flote by DCS Concepts is a one-of-a-kind tablet stand case , which can accommodate any Apple tablet including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad, as well as a wide range of similarly sized tablets and e-readers. The ergonomic design of the case creates a multitude of uses virtually in every room of the house, where users need a hands-free tablet access.

The new iPad case features a special universal cradle, which secures the device thanks to the spring-loaded tension. Barely noticeable rubber cushions prevent the tablet from slipping out and keep it scratch free. Naturally, all ports and buttons are open to unrestricted access with the Apple iPad case on the pad.

The unique “floating” design of the Apple iPad 2 case allows quick and easy viewing angle adjustment. All parts of the case were made from precision machined metals ensuring only the best quality and great durability. The case has 6 floor glides built into the base, which allow the users to slide it over virtually any surface in order to move to a different room or to a place of storage.

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