The New iPad Goes Back in Time With the iTypewriter From Austin Yang

  • Austin Yang iTypewriter
  • Austin Yang iTypewriter review

Austin Yang presented iTypewriter – an original tablet keyboard case designed as a nostalgic typewriter. Compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad, the case will surely attract lots of interest from artists and hipsters, as well as from anyone looking for a truly unique case for their piece of technology.

The new iPad case will also serve as a tablet stand , where the device is inserted in a special slot in the landscape orientation, turning the case into a true typewriter. The case is designed in a way so that stroking a button on the keyboard will cause a mechanic hammering of a corresponding key on the iPad’s screen.

But not to worry – the mechanical hands of the iTypewriter will not punch holes in the precious device. Instead, the Apple iPad 2 case will deliver that physical interaction, which modern keyboard cases simply can’t offer users, who have a thing for nostalgic typing.

The case can be yours for $824.

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