CruxCases Skunks Out All Competitive iPad Keyboards

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CruxSKUNK is a great tablet keyboard case from CruxCases, which already achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter. Tablet2Cases is proud to say that we have been so impressed by the design of this case that we’ve helped the developer by pledging funds towards the project. The case is compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Once attached to the tablet, the case creates an illusion of holding a fully functional laptop. In fact, the one-of-a-kind construction of the new iPad case makes a lot of people mistake the CruxSKUNK for a Macbook Pro. The case is both thin and durable, with only 6mm at the base, the case is the finest iPad keyboard to date.

Patent-pending hinge of the Apple iPad 2 case allows 360° rotation providing multiple tablet stand viewing angles. The full-sized Bluetooth keyboard comes with short-cut keys for most frequently used iPad functions. The case is delivered together with a leather sleeve, and a USB cable to charge the 350mAh battery built into the case.

Pledges of $155 or more will get you the case.

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