Airlines Start Supplying Their Passengers With iPad Cases

  • Airline tablet cases

Airlines amenity kits were always a nice addition to the whole flying experience. Today, airlines take the kits one step further – some carriers are now giving out amenity bags that can later be used as iPad cases. The number of iPad users aboard each flight is steadily growing, so such an idea may prove to be an excellent one.

Take Turkish Airlines: not only do they supply amenity kits to passengers of all classes regardless of the flight duration, but now they are giving business passengers a bag, which transforms into an Apple iPad case. Made of faux-leather, this case naturally bears the company’s logo and has a ribbed texture for extra durability.

A lesser known German carrier, Condor, is also treating its business flyers to a nice iPad bag , which should be prove quite useful considering they can now use their tablets to watch content, streamed from a central server throughout the flight. Of course, the iPad bag can be used after the flight too.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic has recently revamped several of its aircrafts and now offers a completely new set of amenities. The Upper Class passengers are given a kit, made out of recycled bottles, and designed to provide a safe home to tablets.

Although, it’s a great move on behalf of the airlines, we are still confident that choosing a tablet case is a personal thing – this way it will fulfill all users’ needs and expectations. However, a free case, is always a free case.

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