Tracmac Engineering Docks the New iPad in a Billet of Aluminum

  • Tracmac Engineering Billet Dock
  • Tracmac Engineering Billet Dock screenshot
  • Billet Dock from Tracmac Engineering
  • Billet Dock from Tracmac Engineering review

Billet Dock from Tracmac Engineering is a unique tablet stand case , which can accommodate any Apple tablet including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad with or without a third-party case attached. Made from a single billet of aerospace grade aluminum the case delivers stunning looks and solid construction.

The company also thought about the future – the Apple iPad case has an interchangeable 30 pin connector with a separate audio line, which can be effortlessly changed in case Apple introduces a brand new connector. On top of great stand qualities the Apple iPad 2 case also drastically improves the sound quality through a special resonance chamber.

The new iPad case is offered in two finishes: black or silver. Each piece is completed with stainless steel fasteners ensuring only the best and most durable quality possible. All cases are also subjected to anodized finish to ensure long lasting “brand new” condition.

The case can be yours for $99.95.

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