The New iPad Gets New Kicks From Bluelounge

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Bluelounge presented the Kicks – simple silicon-rubber rails that will minimize the risk of tablet slipping and scratching. The ultra-slim rails can be attached to the back of the tablet without covering up the attractive design of the iPad. Naturally, the rails are compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad.

The new iPad case not only ensures perfect grip and stability on a variety of surfaces, but also protects the tablet from minor bumps and bruises thanks to slight elevation. The revolutionary 3M Damage-Free adhesive secures the rails on the tablet, leaving no residue once the new Apple iPad 2 case is removed.

The Kicks are perfectly compatible with the Apple Smart Cover adding that extra protection to the back of the tablet, which the Smart Cover lacks. Smart Cover’s folding capabilities aren’t affected by the Apple iPad case, but the Kicks are also protecting the front edge of the pad, when the Smart Cover is folded at the low angle.

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