The iPad Mini Found a New Workmate Inside the Cygnett Slate Case

  • Cygnett Slate Workmate
  • Cygnett Slate Workmate review

The Slate Workmate from Cygnett is a rugged back protector designed for the Apple iPad Mini. The unique dual material construction of the case provides the tablet with shock-absorbing protection, while keeping the weight of the case to the minimum.

The tablet is protected from all sides while inside the Cygnett Slate Workmate, even the screen of the device is safe from flat-on drops thanks to a slightly elevated bezel. All ports and buttons of the tablet are open to unrestricted access while the tablet is located inside the Apple iPad Mini case.

The dual material provides the Slate Workmate from Cygnett with an impact cushioning layered design. Users can rest assured that their technological wonder is safe from impacts, bumps and scuffs that may damage the device during their busy day. The case is available in either grey or red color.

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