Luma13 Saves the iPad Mini Skin With the LumaGuard Case

  • Luma13 LumaGuard
  • Luma13 LumaGuard screenshot
  • LumaGuard from Luma13

LumaGuard from Luma13 is a high-quality tablet skin designed specifically for the Apple iPad Mini. Made from soft PVC material, the case comes with a matte surface, which minimizes glare and reflections. Application of the skin is quite simple and it can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

The Apple iPad Mini case covers up to 90% of the tablet’s aluminum surface keeping the device protected from nicks and scratches. The case is available in plain clear, reflective aluminum, and a wide selection of bright and shiny colors to match those of the Apple Smart Cover in order to create a perfect union of the two.

The Luma13 LumaGuard is ultra-thin meaning it’s fully compatible with any other third-party case on the market for those times when a little bit more impact protection is needed. Screen protector and Smart Grips can be ordered at extra cost.

The prices for the case start at $24.

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