T2C Infographics: Tablet User Demographics


European and American Tablet User Demographics is our 5th infographic in a series of monthly visual presentations of tablet usage data by Tablet2Cases.com.

This infographic profiles tablet users by their origin - Europe or USA. Data includes smartphone loyalty for iPad users, average age, mean household income and gender division.

Hope you like this mini-project. Comments are all welcome below the post. Click the image below for larger view.

T2C Infographics: Tablet User Demographics

- Tablet Users Skew Older and Towards Upper Income Households
- Majority of Tablet Users Watch Video on their Device, 1 in Every 4 Viewers Pay to Watch
- Apple iOS Platform Outreaches Android by 59 Percent in U.S. When Accounting for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Other Connected Media Devices
- Study: Tablet users are rich, educated, news-loving