The New iPad Becomes a Prodigy Inside the New Case From Zoogue

  • Zoogue Case Prodigy
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  • Case Prodigy from Zoogue
  • Case Prodigy from Zoogue review
  • Case Prodigy from Zoogue screenshot

Case Prodigy from Zoogue is a classic folio tablet case designed to fit the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. Durable exterior material shields the tablet from everyday abuse, while the ultra-soft microfiber interior protects the device’s screen from unwanted smudges and scratches.

The best thing about the new iPad case is its innovative, patent pending magnetic tablet stand . It offers 6 different viewing angles with unmatched stability secured by a built-in magnet . Once the desired viewing position has been selected, the magnet locks in the tablet at that angle, eliminating the wobbling effect.

All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the tablet inside the Zoogue Case Prodigy. The built-in magnet also enables the sleep/wake functionality of the Apple iPad 2 case and keeps the cover securely shut, when the device is unused.

The price for this case is $59.99.

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