QDOS Takes the Liberty to Safeguard the iPad Mini

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Libris from QDOS is a multi-functional folio tablet case made to fit the Apple iPad Mini. All-round tablet protection is ensured by durable faux-leather exterior and ultra-soft suede interior materials. Each and every case is handmade to ensure the best possible quality.

The best feature of the Apple iPad Mini case is its tablet stand functionality. The case unfolds to offer several viewing angles in both portrait and landscape orientations. Whatever the purpose: typing or watching movies – the QDOS Libris can guarantee them all. All ports and buttons are open to free access with the tablet secured inside the case.

The elastic strap secures the case when the tablet is unused, keeping the contents inside at all times. The tablet itself is secured within a special pouch eliminating the risk of accidental fall outs. The case is available in black or red colors.

The case can be yours for $56.

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