Lock Up the New iPad Inside the Fisher-Price Apptivity Fortress

  • Fisher-Price Imaginext Apptivity Fortress
  • Fisher-Price Imaginext Apptivity Fortress screenshot
  • Imaginext Apptivity Fortress from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price has revealed a line of Apptivity toys at the recently held CES 2013. One of those toys is Imaginext Apptivity Fortress โ€“ a unique kids case compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The case is a whole dungeon filled with adventures and loads of fun.

The tablet is inserted behind a protective screen inside the new iPad case, becoming an integral part of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Apptivity Fortress. It comes with a special app, which completes the toy and allows the little ones to indulge in a comprehensive gaming activity. The case is designed for kids ages 3-7.

The Apple iPad 2 case accommodates a range of additional figurines which unlock extra games within the app, each sold at an additional price. The Apple iPad case is one of the best iPad accessories for children allowing them not only to spend fun hours playing, but learn and practice the alphabet, reading and writing in a fun environment.

The price for this item is $40.
Additional figurines cost $10 each.

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