The Latest Case From Belkin Stirs a Thunderstorm on the New iPad

  • Belkin Thunderstorm
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  • Thunderstorm from Belkin
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Belkin presented Thunderstorm – a revolutionary tablet speaker dock compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The new case is positioned as the world’s first handheld home theater, and indeed the case combines style and protection with amazing sound effects and everyday functionality.

At the core of the new iPad case is the Audifi sound processor delivering unprecedented sound quality. The speaker is built into the folio tablet case making it a truly mobile multimedia entertaining center. The multi-fold cover transforms into a clever tablet stand offering a multitude of angles, allowing users to find the perfect position for whatever they use the tablet for.

The new Belkin tablet case features smooth, easy-to-hold surface ensuring a perfect grip and preventing accidental slip outs. The comfy grip allows the Apple iPad 2 case owners to enjoy hours of gaming without the risk of their hands getting tired. The Belkin Thunderstorm comes with a special app allowing users to control and customize the soundscape.

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