Luvvitt Thins Down the iPad Mini Inside the New Backlit Keyboard Cover

  • Luvvitt Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
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  • Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Luvvitt
  • Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Luvvitt review
  • Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Luvvitt screenshot

Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Luvvitt is an ultra-slim and extra-lightweight tablet keyboard case made to fit the Apple iPad Mini. The unique clip-and-go design of the case makes it the current world’s thinnest and lightest keyboard with only 9mm thickness and 226gr weight.

The case is crafted from only the top notch materials, which ensure durable performance and impact safety. The keyboard latches onto the tablet thanks to a high-quality magnetic clip. The built-in groove on the Apple iPad Mini case transforms the keyboard into a versatile tablet stand with both landscape and portrait viewing angles.

The Luvvitt Ultrathin Keyboard Cover comes with a number or special dedicated keys corresponding to the main tablet functions. The keyboard can be backlit with 7 different colors. The case can also enable the sleep/wake functionality, which saves precious power. The keyboard can be recharged via USB and offers up to 60 days of stand-by time.

The price for this item is $79.95.