The New iPad Case From InnoPocket is Built like a Tank

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  • Tank from Innopocket
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  • Tank from Innopocket screenshot

Tank from InnoPocket is a beautiful folio tablet case designed to fit any Apple tablet including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. Made from combination of aluminum and ABS materials, the case not only delivers great all-round protection, but offers exquisite looks.

The two aluminum shells shield the device from all sides within the Apple iPad 2 case. The ABS clasp holds the two parts together and ensures the top shell can rotate 360 degrees to offer virtually unlimited number of viewing angles in the tablet stand mode. The interior of the new iPad case is lined with polymeric membrane, buffering the two shells.

Durable protection doesn’t mean the Apple iPad case needs to be heavy: at only 275 gr. the InnoPocket Tank is one of the lightest aluminum cases on the market. All ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access while the tablet is protected by the new case.

The price for this case is $99.99.

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