The New iPad Fights Fires and Houses Dolls With the AppVentures Cases

  • AppVentures iDollhouse and iFirehouse

AppVentures launches a pair of innovative play tablet cases โ€“ iDollhouse for the girls, and iFirehouse for the boys. Both cases are compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad and offer children various ways to learn while playing, while protecting the tablets inside from damage the little ones can put it through.

The new kids tablet cases can act as virtual playhouses coupled with the unique app sold at a discounted price at Apple AppStore. Each case comes complete with either a Doll or a Firefighter figurine bearing a QR code for interactive gameplay. The new iPad case and the downloadable application provide great opportunities for kids to learn in a playful environment.

Each Apple iPad 2 case is designed in a way that the top of the case acts as a convenient handle , allowing easy mobility. The tablets can be easily inserted and taken out of the AppVentures iDollhouse and iFirehouse, whenever the big children need them for work.

The price for this item is $19.99.

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