Spigen SGP Guards the iPad Mini Skin With a New Case

  • Spigen SGP Skin Guard
  • Spigen SGP Skin Guard screenshot

Spigen SGP presented the iPad Mini version of its popular tablet skin Skin Guard. The case is crafted from eco-friendly materials, which were designed to protect the back of the device over long periods of time. The unique carbon or leather designs of the case also provide the tablet with stylish, attractive looks.

The polyurethane material of the Apple iPad Mini case has a soft fixture and delivers a secure grip on top of the scratch protection. All ports and buttons of the device can be accessed freely with the skin attached to the tablet.

The Spigen SGP Skin Guard is attached to the device via a high-quality silicon adhesive, which leaves absolutely no residue when removed. The package includes a microfiber cloth and a metal sticker with the manufacturer’s logo besides the skin itself. The case comes in six different designs.

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