TekTuk Twists the New iPad Bedside Logic

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TekTuk from Twisted Logic is a unique tablet bag , marketed as “bedside storage” by the manufacturer. The case is big enough to fit any Apple tablet including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad, as well as a wide range of similarly sized tablets, small laptops and netbooks.

The Apple iPad case does indeed solve the problem of storing all the technological gadgets beside the bed: it will hang right next to it with one side tucked under the mattress. The Twisted Logic TekTuk will provide a convenient, easy-to-reach storage not only for a tablet or a laptop, but also for a smartphone, a range of accessories from cables to charger, remote controls, earphones, magazines and books.

The multitude of pockets inside the new iPad case allows users to organize everything they need at their bedsides in a neat and convenient way. Naturally, the Apple iPad 2 case can be used as a traveling bag as well: it comes with a high-quality zipper lock and convenient handles for easy mobility.

The price for this case is $59.95.

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