Devilish Protection for the New iPad Inside the Ndevr iPadding Gremlin

  • Ndevr iPadding Gremlin
  • Ndevr iPadding Gremlin screenshot
  • iPadding Gremlin from Ndevr
  • iPadding Gremlin from Ndevr review
  • iPadding Gremlin from Ndevr screenshot

Finding the right kids tablet case could prove a very difficult task indeed. The launch of the new play tablet case from Ndevr – the iPadding Gremlin – has significantly eased parents’ troubles. This case is compatible with the iPad 2 and up, and will protect the device from whatever little devils put it through.

The Apple iPad 4 case is crafted from a unique polyolefin material, which is extremely tough and durable, but soft and warm at the same time. The Ndevr iPadding Gremlin can be attached and removed from the device in a matter of seconds. Despite the all-round protection the Apple iPad 3 case offers, all ports and buttons of the device are open to free access.

The new Ndevr tablet case features a sound tunnel, which directs the speaker output right at the user, ensuring they won’t miss a peek. The best feature of the Apple iPad 2 case is it’s “tail”, which serves as a tablet stand stabilizer and also completed the whole Gremlin/Devil design. The case comes in several attractive colors.

Buy it now from Tablet2Cases online shop for $39.95. Shipping worldwide.

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