TriTab is an iPad Case Made for Kids by Kids

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Some tablet cases are designed for kids, but children at Tritab Student Team decided to take matters into their own hands and create their very own take on tablet accessories โ€“ the TriTab. Tablet2Cases was impressed by the effort of International School of Amsterdam students and pledged money towards their project on Kickstarter.

This tripod mount is compatible with all Apple tablets and a wide range of similarly sized devices. The main function of the Apple iPad 4 case is to secure the device onto a tripod to assist with shooting videos or in-class presentations. The best thing about the Apple iPad 3 case is that it can accommodate tablets already protected by third-party cases.

The Tritab Student Team TriTab is fully adjustable offering virtually unlimited viewing angles. The Apple iPad 2 case is light and slim, allowing it to be neatly stowed away when not used. Another point in favor of the Apple iPad case is its affordability, which could possibly allow the case to become standard equipment in schools across the world.

Pledges of $20 or more will secure you the case.

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