P.A.M. Teaches the iPad 4 to ENJOY! Blueberry Cola

  • P.A.M. ENJOY! Blueberry Cola
  • P.A.M. ENJOY! Blueberry Cola screenshot

How to transform a simple tablet sleeve into a sought-after accessory? Easy – apply a world-wide renowned design pattern to its back and front. That’s just what P.A.M. did to ENJOY! Blueberry Cola – an attractive sleeve got dressed up in famous ENJOY! pattern. The case is compatible with all Apple tablets and similarly sized devices.

The Apple iPad 4 case is crafted from 100% cotton fabric on the outside, which provides enough protection to keep the device safe from minor bumps and bruises. The interior of the P.A.M. ENJOY! Blueberry Cola is lined with ultra-soft neoprene , which acts as another layer of protection and safeguards the device from scratches and smudges.

The Apple iPad 3 case features a high-quality zipper lock , which secures the sleeve from all sides and keeps the contents within. The tablet is secured inside the Apple iPad 2 case via four corner tabs, compatible with a wide range of devices. The Apple iPad case comes complete with a small pocket on the inside, big enough to fit IDs or business and credit cards.

The price for this case is $110.

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