Objekten Systems Dock the iPad 4 in a Wooden Tray

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Want to treat your mobile gadget to a bit of nature? Go for the Dock Tray from Objekten Systems. This tablet charging station is crafted from natural oak wood, which comes from harvested forests, minimizing the damaging effect to our environment. The case is compatible with all Apple tablets as well as a wide range of other devices including tablets and smartphones.

The Apple iPad 4 case sports an attractive, elegant design providing the tablet with a safe and secure space on any tablet of desk. The Apple iPad 2 case also acts as a tablet stand offing both landscape and portrait viewing angles. Inside the Objekten Systems Dock Tray there’s a separate compartment for smaller accessories and cables.

The charging cable comes into the Apple iPad 3 case through a specifically cut whole, which seems natural and doesn’t destroy the aesthetics of the case. The whole Apple iPad cases received careful hand-sanded treatment and offers smooth edges preventing any possible injuries. Available in dark or light color option. Pinocchio would surely ask Geppetto to carve him one of these if they lived today.

The price for this case is $132.

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