Echo Creative Invents verglas Folio to Cool Down the iPad 4

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Overheating is one of the main iPad problems despite its beautiful design. The verglas was crafted by Echo Creative to tackle that complication thermal conductive material and cooling-effective design. The new folio tablet case is compatible with the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, offering all other folio functions as well.

The Apple iPad 3 case protects the devices not only from excess heat, but also shields it from minor bumps and bruises, as well as water splashes and dust thanks to its genius design and durable material. Despite all the protective capabilities the Echo Creative verglas remains ultra-slim and super-light, adding virtually no bulk to the tablet.

The cover of the Apple iPad 4 case can be folded several times to provide users with various viewing angle for whatever purpose they are using the device. The case comes complete with a free stylus, which offers stunning aluminum looks and a soft rubber nib providing smooth and easy drawing and writing.

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