The iPad Mini Gets its Very Own D7 Blazer Sleeve From STM Bags

  • STM Bags Blazer D7 Sleeve
  • STM Bags Blazer D7 Sleeve review
  • STM Bags Blazer D7 Sleeve screenshot

Versatile uses are not something that is expected from tablet sleeves. STM Bags breaks the spell with their Blazer D7 Sleeve – a 7-inch version of their highly popular multi-functional sleeve. The case can accommodate virtually any 7-inch device including the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and so on.

Just like its big brother, the iPad Mini case comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, which can transform it into a tablet messenger bag. The new STM Bags tablet case features lots of pockets both inside and outside allowing users to fit whatever accessories they may need during their busy days.

The Kindle Fire case comes with a zipper lock, which secures the contents inside, preventing accidental fall outs. The STM Bags Blazer D7 Sleeve also features a comfy handle offering yet another way to carry it around. The Google Nexus 7 case is available in either grey or black colors.

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