Innovative Technology Justin Combines Power and Slim Body for iPads

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Folio tablet cases can do a lot of thing, but charging the tablet isn’t one of them. Well, that is until Innovative Technology has introduced Justin, compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations. The built-in battery doesn’t mean the case is a bulky accessory: it remains ultra-slim, and can fit perfectly in any laptop bag if needs be.

The iPad 4 case comes with an 11,600mAh rechargeable battery built into its cover. This much juice can fully recharge the iPad up to two times. The iPad 3 case features a universal USB dock, allowing any other device to be charged from its battery, provided users have a respective cable.

The Innovative Technology Justin is crafted from durable faux-leather, offering the device decent impact protection. The iPad 2 case is secured via a flap lock, but all ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access.