Agi & Sam Teams Up With C6 to Create iPad Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve

  • C6 x Agi & Sam Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve
  • C6 x Agi & Sam Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve review

Partnerships between renowned designers and tablet case manufacturers can sometimes result in great products: high-quality tablet cases, which are not only protective and functional, but great-looking as well. Such is the example of collaboration between C6 and Agi & Sam, which brings us the Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve – an attractive tablet sleeve compatible with all Apple tablet models.

The letterbox-style closure system of the iPad 4 case eliminates the need for scratch-risky zippers and Velcro locks, it keeps the tablet safe inside the case, but easily accessible when needed. The iPad 2 case is constructed in such a way that there’s no need for stitches on the front end, keeping the design clean and attractive.

All edges of the C6 x Agi & Sam Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve are bound together, which increases the impact protection from the sides. The back of the iPad 3 case is secured by a special backboard, which absorbs shocks and keeps the form and shape of the iPad case.