Every iPad Needs its Very Own Gennarone Teddy Bear From Moschino

  • Moschino Gennarone Teddy Bear
  • Moschino Gennarone Teddy Bear review

Sometimes tablets get a bit lonely inside boring, ordinary cases. But thankfully there are attractive accessories designed to brighten up the dull days of tablet owners. One of such examples is the Gennarone Teddy Bear from Moschino – a unique tablet shell designed to fit the iPad 2 and later generations.

The main attraction of the iPad 4 case is the teddy bear, which stretches across the back of the case, providing it with unique charm. The bear can also be seen when users interact with the device, it sort of looks over the side of the screen to see what the owners of the iPad 3 case are up to.

The Moschino Gennarone Teddy Bear is crafted from highly durable, but at the same time soft material, which shields the device from everyday bumps and bruises. All ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access while the tablet is safely protected by the iPad 2 case.

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