Bertie’s Closet Hides the iPad 4 Inside a Matryoshka

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Adding a bit of flair to an everyday accessory is easy: simply pick a unique pattern and apply it. That’s just what the guys at Bertie’s Closet did with their Matryoshkas iPad Case – a simple, yet highly attractive tablet sleeve compatible with all Apple tablets and available in different sizes to fit the tablet with Smart Cover, Smart Case and keyboard.

The iPad 3 case is crafted from durable material and padded with a very light foam layer for extra impact protection without unnecessary bulk. The fabulous matryoshka print on the front pocket puts the Russian doll art to a great use, immediately transforming a dull iPad 4 case into an attractive accessory.

The Bertie’s Closet Matryoshkas iPad Case comes with a beige cotton fabric interior lining to protect the device from smudges and scratches. The iPad 2 case features a classic string and button closure, which keeps the contents safely inside at all times. The iPad case is handmade to ensure the best possible quality.