Firebox Takes the iPad 4 Back to the Future With the New Folio Case

  • Firebox Back to the Future iPad Case
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Sometimes looks are more important that contents with tablet accessories. Back to the Future iPad Case from Firebox is one of those cases. This folio tablet looks exactly like the sports almanac Marty McFly manages to steal back from Biff in the second part of the Back to the Future trilogy. The case is compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations.

While the iPad 3 case is mostly about the unique print on the exterior, the case also offers decent impact protection, shielding the device from all sides. The tablet rests inside a special pouch preventing accidental slip outs, but keeping the access to all ports and buttons completely unrestricted.

There’s a tiny layer of padding between the exterior cover and the interior lining of the iPad 4 case, which offers extra protection from bumps and bruises. The soft interior lining of the Firebox Back to the Future iPad Case ensures the tablet stays smudge and scratch free, while inside the iPad 2 case.

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