Transform the iPad 4 Into a Piano with Miselu C.24

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Ever wanted to take a piano everywhere you go? Now you can, with the C.24 from Miselu โ€“ a two-octave wireless music keyboard compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations. The case is basically a protective cover, which transforms into a real-life music keyboard with a single touch of a spring-loaded latch.

The iPad 4 case utilizes anti-polarity magnets to create the semi-weighted feel of the keyboard, this approach extends longevity and reliability of the keyboard. The optical key tracking technology used in the iPad 3 case ensures MIDI velocity, monophonic aftertouch, and detailed performance functions.

The Miselu C.24 comes with its very own KEY app, which allows the iPad 2 case to communicate with the keyboard over Bluetooth. The app also allows users to assign the music output of the case to any CoreMIDI compatible iOS program. Tablet2Cases has already helped the designers by pledging funds through Kickstarter.

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