Onebluebird Treats the iPads to Unique Artwork With its Tablet Shells

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  • Tablet shells from Onebluebird review

Tablet shells are perfect for designers to put their unique prints on. Onebluebird took the opportunity and have created a series of shells sold through Redbubble. The cases are compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations of Apple tablets, and deliver decent impact protection on top of highly attractive design prints.

The iPad 4 case covers up the tablet from all sides, but still keeps access to all ports and buttons completely unrestricted. Thanks to slightly raised bezel of the iPad 3 case even the device’s screen receives protection when the tablet is placed face down on flat surfaces. The shell is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover, which completes the all-round protection and delivers integrated stand functionality.

The Onebluebird tablet shells come in a variety of unique designs. The artwork is based on cartoon, books, and movies characters and delivers an interesting take on the original. The iPad 2 case is the perfect choice for those tablet owners, who are looking for a simple tablet accessory featuring truly one-of-a-kind design.

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