Cooper and Samdi Create Leather Origami Folio for the iPad Mini

  • Cooper X Samdi Leather Origami Folio
  • Cooper X Samdi Leather Origami Folio review
  • Cooper X Samdi Leather Origami Folio screenshot
  • Leather Origami Folio from Cooper X Samdi
  • Leather Origami Folio from Cooper X Samdi review

Cooper cooperates with Samdi to design the Leather Origami Folio – a classy folio tablet case compatible with the iPad Mini. The case appeals to two target audiences at the same time: those who love the origami-style design, and those who prefer their tablet accessories to be made of premium genuine leather material.

The origami design not only brings a touch of sophistication to the minimalist folio, but also transforms the cover of the Cooper tablet case into a handy integrated stand offering multiple viewing angles. The leather material not only delivers stunning looks, but also serves as a decent layer of impact protection for the tablet.

The back shell of the iPad Mini case is made of hard plastic, which is a bit of a disappointment after the exquisite leather cover. However, it does protect the device from harm, while keeping all ports and buttons open to free access. The Cooper x Samdi Leather Origami Folio comes in three different colors.

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