Bird Electron Flips the Denim Numbers to Shield the iPad 4

  • Bird Electron Denim #1
  • Bird Electron Denim #1 review
  • Bird Electron Denim #1 screenshot
  • Denim #1 from Bird Electron
  • Denim #1 from Bird Electron review

Tablet flip cases usually deliver simple design solutions and decent levels of device protection. The Denim #1 from Bird Electron, however, adds a couple of useful features to the equation. The case is crafted from vintage bioprocessed Zimbabwe denim, which is one of the most popular and thus most expensive materials among fashion designers.

The case will fit any Apple tablet thanks to its simple construction. The lower part of the device is inserted in the faux-leather patch, which provides full access to the charging slot and home button. The upper part of the tablet is firmly held inside the Bird Electron tablet case via two elastic corner straps.

The denim cover then secures the tablet’s screen and features a string lock to keep the iPad 4 case firmly shut. The cover of the Bird Electron Denim #1 can rolled into a small pillow, which acts as an integrated stand offering a slightly elevated viewing angle.

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