The iPad 4 Dives up to 200 Feet Inside the Dive Xtras Tablet Housing

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Very few waterproof tablet cases provide real underwater protection, while retaining full device functionality. The Tablet Housing from Dive Xtras is one of them: it offers all-round protection with real depth rating, and full functionality underwater. Compatible with all Apple tablets and a wide range of similarly sized devices.

The peculiar operation of the device inside the iPad 3 case reminds of a computer mouse. While the tablet is protected inside the iPad 4 case there’s a device on the outside glass, whose movement is duplicated on the inside of the housing and is transferred to the device, creating a mock finger touch.

The unique design of the Dive Xtras Tablet Housing allows users to fully enjoy their tablets underwater, with access to any app including camera. All functions can be accessed up to depths of 200 feet, including the USB port. The iPad 2 case is currently manufactured for commercial clients only.

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