Alex Baca and 1Lss Create the World’s Thinnest iPad Wall Mount - MagBak

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Wall mount tablet cases are extremely useful accessories for a variety of purposes, but usually they are just too bulky. The MagBak from Alex Baca x 1Lss is very different – it is the world’s thinnest mount, designed to accommodate the iPad 2 and later generations. The designer has already reached their funding goal at Kickstarter, and Tablet2Cases was proud to help by pledging funds.

The iPad 4 case can mount to any metal surface, and there’s even an O-ring and 3M adhesive backing provided to attach it to non-metal surfaces. The iPad 3 case also allows the Apple Smart Cover to safely snap onto the back of the tablet keeping it out of the way when the device is in use.

The silicone texture of Alex Baca x 1Lss MagBak allows users to have a highly secure grip on the tablet and can also grip to smooth surfaces preventing slip outs and drops. On top of its versatile functions, the iPad 2 case also protects the back of the tablet from scratches. The case is available in six attractive colors.

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