lekiosk Magazine Cases Provide Tablets With Anti-theft Protection

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Most holidaymakers around the world now have another thing to guard from thieves during their travels – tablets. A growing number of tablet accessories manufacturers are already addressing this problem and lekiosk is one of them. The company behind popular digital newsstand has come up with a series of book tablet cases to disguise devices as ordinary magazines.

The cases are compatible with all iPad models and look exactly as inexpensive, paper magazines, but with tablets hidden inside them. The company is hoping that these anti-theft tablet cases will encourage more travelers to take tablets with them, and feel more assured that their prized technological wonders are safe.

lekiosk promised to produce the iPad 4 cases on a larger scale in time for 2014 holiday season if they prove to be a hit with travelers during the remainder of this year’s season. It is yet unclear if the company plans to produce lekiosk Magazine Cases for other tablet devices as well.

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