Minot Combines Function and Beauty in the iPad Mini Cover

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Very few tablet smart covers out there offer beautiful looks on top of their primary function; even the original Apple accessory lacks that certain something to make it stunning. Miniot’s take on this accessory – the Miniot Cover is a different story. This case offers the iPad Mini everything a smart cover would plus one-of-a-kind, exquisite design and feel.

Crafted from luxurious natural wood, the iPad Mini case is just as great-looking as it is durable. There are five types of wood to choose from, each carved out of a single piece of wood ensuring it’s totally unique. However, buyers also have the option to choose their color of lining, and engraving a message or a logo.

The Miniot Cover comes with built-in magnets, which not only enable the auto sleep/wake functionality, but also provide magnetic lock capabilities. The case can act as an integrated stand just like the original Smart Cover. The unique hinge design allows the cover to latch onto the back of the tablet going out of the way for comfy one-handed use.

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