Tech 21 Impacts the iPad 4 Cases Market With a Slip Leather Envelope

  • 21 Tech Impact Slip Leather

Sure genuine leather is a durable material, but very few leather tablet envelopes offer the ultimate impact protection. The Impact Slip Leather from Tech 21 combines its proprietary Impactology tech with the luxurious Nappa leather to deliver durable shock protection and highly attractive, exquisite look for the iPad 2 and later generations.

The Impactology is a unique technology from the manufacturer devised specifically in response to customer demand, and offering a scientific approach to impact protection for tablet accessories. The new Tech 21 tablet case features a secure flap lock, preventing the contents of the iPad 4 case from accidental slip outs.

The iPad 3 case also comes with a small tongue-strap, which allows users to quickly and easily take the tablet out of the case. The 21 Tech Impact Slip Leather is available in minimalist black color with a line of contrast orange stitching.
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