Apple Tablets Enjoy the Classic Design of the Mulberry iPad Case

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Usually, designer tablet cases are screaming with ornaments or eye-catching design appliques, but there are still some cases which still ooze luxury by remaining minimalist. The iPad Case from Mulberry is one of such accessories: the new tablet sleeve sports classy leather material and silent, simple design. Fits any Apple tablet model.

The genuine full-grain leather material not only provides the iPad 4 case with stunning looks, but also serves as a decent layer of impact protection. Each Mulberry tablet case is building upon the brand’s heritage craftsmanship, ensuring careful attention to every little detail and thus superior build quality.

The iPad 3 case is lined with a soft material on the inside, which ensures no scratches will befall the tablet. The Mulberry iPad Case comes with cream-colored stitching, which contrasts nicely with the black shade of the sleeve. The iPad 2 case is delivered with a separate dust cloth, helping users to keep the case in pristine condition at all times.