Tuff-Luv Mila is the perfect substitute for ladies purses

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Having a separate case for a tablet device can be troublesome for some women. Luckily Tuff-Luv have come up with Mila – a great all-in-one laptop and tablet bag, which can actually fit any Apple device and a bunch of other stuff including accessories and daily necessities women are so keen on carrying with them at all times.

Every iPad 4 case is handmade to perfection and offers great impact protection on top of chic and stylish design. The new Tuff-Luv tablet case features an interior padded laptop/tablet section, as well as a number of pockets and organizer slots. The zipper lock helps keeps the contents of the iPad 3 always in place.

The Tuff-Luv Mila features two convenient handles allowing ladies to stroll around with the iPad 2 case. The handles are crafted in a dark brown color, which plays a perfect contrast to the light brown shade of the bag itself offering a bit of sophistication to otherwise minimalist design.

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