PKG Simplifies the iPad 4 protection with a luxury sleeve

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Designer tablet cases kitschy and unnecessarily dazzling, but the Simple Sleeve from PKG is a completely different story. The new tablet sleeve comes from the designer’s Black Crown Collection and offers silent, minimalist looks combined with luxurious material and everyday functionality.

The sleeve is available in three sizes for Apple laptops, and the smallest can fit either a MacBook Air 11’ or any of the iPads. The PKG Simple Sleeve is crafted from premium genuine leather and comes with soft interior lining to provide safety from scratches. The iPad 4 case sports a two-sided zipper lock, ensuring easy removal and entry, as well as additional security.

Every iPad 3 case is individually marked with a serial number, which allows buyers to register it and enjoy special benefits. The iPad 2 case is available in several genuine leather shades and features a comfy lanyard of the same color. The front pocket comes with a simple button lock.

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