XD Design Encourages tablet owners to go green with Ginkgo Solar Tree

  • XD Design Ginkgo Solar Tree
  • XD Design Ginkgo Solar Tree review
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XD Design is ready to trick smartphones and tablets into becoming more green with the Ginkgo Solar Tree. Their project – a smartphone and tablet dock – is seeking funding through Kickstarter right now. We liked the aesthetics and, of course, the idea of charging devices with solar power so much, that we’ve immediately pledged funds to help the designer. The case is compatible with virtually every iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, and can fully charge the device in under 2 hours using only environmentally friendly power source. On top of charging capabilities, the new case also offers integrated stand functionality.

The LED indicators on the base of the case will reveal how much power the dock has left
The XD Design Ginkgo Solar Tree allows to connect any cable for charging making it a universal dock
The case is made from sustainable and green materials which further reduce its carbon footprint
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