How to make sure your iPad case is compatible with the iOS 7

  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • Cooper X Samdi Leather Origami Folio
  • TS Case Leather Folio
  • GermanMade G.1

The story of friendship and love between Apple tablets and their cases may be tainted by the iOS 7 upgrade. In case you’re wondering what a case has to do with software – well, quite enough to make your experience miserable, as it turns out. I’m sure you all know and enjoy the brand new Control Center feature the latest OS has delivered. You need to swipe your finger from below the bezel to the screen, and what if your case covers the bezel? Well, no Control Center for you, unless you want to go through the trouble of pulling back the case and swipe up from the created gap. Fortunately, not all cases cover the bezel of the device completely, here are some examples of cases fully compatible with this iOS 7 function.

Cooper X Samdi Leather Origami Folio provides full access to bezel and still offers decent protection
TS Case Leather Folio with Crocodile Grain offers unique looks and keeps the bezel open
Exqusite material, great impact protection, and full functionality in the G.1 from GermanMade
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