Tri Innovation Breathes a Second Life into the iPad 4 With the Tripac

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Who said battery cases need to be thick and ugly? Tri Innovation’s love for simple and beautiful design resulted in Tripac – a tablet shell with a built-in battery. Their project is still seeking funding through Kickstarter, we felt the designer needs support and pledged funds to help them. The case offers the same battery life as the iPad does, basically doubling the life of the tablet, but takes only 1 hour to fully recharge, compared to around 4 for the iPad. The case is compatible with the iPad 2 and up, and can also work with the Apple Smart Cover.

The case hugs the tablet from all sides with special attention to protecting the corners
The iPad 4 case can also charge a wide range of other devices via a built-in USB out
The incredibly thin construction of the Tri Innovation Tripac makes it one of the thinnest cases around
The case offers additional specter of functionality by being fully smart cover compatible
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