LifeProof Treats the iPad Mini to a Fully Functional Rugged Case

  • LifeProof Nuud
  • LifeProof Nuud review
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  • Nuud from LifeProof
  • Nuud from LifeProof review

The iPad Mini has finally got its very own Nuud – an innovative rugged tablet case from LifeProof. The biggest trick of the new case is the ability to provide waterproof capabilities without the need for a screen cover. The Nuud creates a waterfproof seal around the tablet’s touchscreen, providing full access directly to the screen, and yet keeping the water away from the device. Other useful features of the case include great impact protection, enhanced sound channeling CrystalClear optics, and unobscured access to all ports and buttons whenever users need it.

The LifeProof tablet case is fully watertight, but offers direct access to all device’s functions and ports
The iPad Mini case is compatible with a long list of original accessories further enhancing its functions
The LifeProof Nuud was built to withstand damage and protect the tablet in everyday situations
A comfy shoulder strap provides an effortless way to carry the case around
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