Contec Ltd. Paints Your Walls with the iMid Mount for the iPad Mini

  • Contec Ltd. iMid
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Looking for a stylish and ergonomic solution to mount your iPad Mini? Sacrifice a little piece of your wall and install the iMid from Contec Ltd. The innovative wall mount tablet project is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo and Tablet2Cases have already done their part by pledging funds. The case allows the iPad Mini to become a stationary touch screen, which can be not only mounted, but also charged provided the power source is near. The case comes with ready-made drywall mounting kit, compatible with concrete, wood, brick, and plaster walls.

The tablet can be inserted into the iPad Mini case in seconds and just as easily removed
The Contec Ltd. iMid design sports 4 disk magnets ensuring the device doesn’t fall out accidentally
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