The iPad Air Gets its Very Own Walden Collection From Pad & Quill

  • Pad & Quill Walden Collection
  • Pad & Quill Walden Collection review
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  • Walden Collection from Pad & Quill
  • Walden Collection from Pad & Quill review

The iPad Air gets a special treatment from Pad & Quill. Each of their newest Walden Collection of book tablet cases is handmade to perfection. The case is crafted from Spanish bonded leather, which not only provides stunning looks, but ensures perfect impact protection. The cases are available in a number of color options, and buyers can also personalize their accessories with initials. The book case can be ordered with or without an interior slip pocket. The tablet is secured within the case via clean release, reusable 3M super adhesive, which leaves no residue on the device if removed.

The interior pocket option increases the functionality of the Pad & Quill Walden Collection cases
The book case comes with embedded magnets activating the auto sleep/wake functionality
The elastic strap lock keeps the case securely shut when the tablet is not in use
All ports and buttons are open to free access within the case
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