Angry Alex Dumps a Couple of Tablet Folio Cases in the Trash

Angry Alex week 4

It's that time of week again when Angry Alex looks to bully certain tablet case manufacturers for some product launches. This week was rich on folio tablet cases, but only few of them are worth putting on devices, the other ones can go straight to the trash can if you ask me. In any case let’s see what “magical” accessories I’ve found.

Pad & Quill have won the “Make a tablet look awful” contest again with their Walden Collection. Sure, the book tablet case is protective and comes with a number of options including colors, personalization, and pocket. But why does it have to look like a book my grandmother used to hide banknotes in? I already have the complete works of Charles Dickens, no need to add another volume to my collection.

Pad & Quill Walden Collection Versatile and protective tablet book case, but sporting outdated design

The iPad Air version of Vuscape from Targus is actually not bad. It looks slim and light, provides integrated stand function with several positions and even comes with a stylus holder. But you know what? The auto sleep/wake functionality isn’t there, and no pockets or card slots have been added to the inside of the cover. And I've counted 20 different Vuscape models. Surely, you can be more creative, Targus.

Targus Vuscape Slim and lightweight folio with pretty good qualities and features, but bad approach to branding

When I first laid eyes on FramaSlim I thought I was looking at a vacuum cleaner bag. That plate with the miniature suction pads, which is supposed to secure the tablet without damaging it, looks strikingly similar to my Hoover bag. All in all, the case isn’t bad considering the leather combo and pretty slim body. However, to be honest I wouldn’t trust even a million suction pads to hold my tablet. Good ol’ corner straps are the best!

case vs vacuum cleaner bag Tablet folio case versus vacuum cleaner bag

You’d be surprised, but I didn find a case this week that actually grabbed my attention. The VersaKeyboard from Moshi. Not only does this keyboard tablet case simplifies typing and protects the tablet from impact damage, but it also delivers versatile integrated stand function thanks to the origami-style cover. Another genius solution I loved about this case is the fact that the keyboard can be stowed away in a special slot on the back. Great job, Moshi, way to go!

Moshi VersaKeyboard Multi-functional tablet keyboard case with an origami-style cover delivering integrated stand function

Amidst all the Black Friday hype and rumors of yet another generation of smartphones and tablets to come, I was able to pick rather attractive techy news. British Airways has presented their first ever high-tech advertising billboard in Piccadilly Circus. The board uses surveillance technology to track what planes are currently in the sky and has a small child pointing to one with a line saying where the flight is heading. Pretty cool if you ask me.

British Airways techy billboard British Airways presented a high-tech billboard that uses surveillance technology to track planes

If you thought Robert De Niro is too old to be enjoying the freedom and entertainment an iPad can deliver, think again! The Raging Bull knows that device safety is paramount and actually protects his tablet with what seems to be an original Apple SmartCase. Not only can he now read the scripts on his iPad at a comfortable angle, but the device will be safe in case Joe Pesci comes around and knocks it out of his hands.

Robert De Niro iPad case Robert De Niro selected a tablet folio case to safeguard his iPad

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