Apple to Discontinue the iPad 2-4 Smart Covers and SmartCases?

  •  Older Apple Smart Covers and SmartCases

Apple have given their faithful fans a bit of a scare, when rumors of the Cupertino company discontinuing the Smart Covers and SmartCases for the iPad 2-4 appeared. The rumor came as quite a shock, we all know that the iPad 2 is still sold, so why were the cases discontinued?

The main reason for this is, naturally, Apple’s desire to prevent customers from confusing the brand new iPad Air and the new iPad Mini cases with the old generations. According to the rumor the remainder of the cases can be ordered for in-store pickup. There is also a possibility that retail stores have some stocks left, but surely there will only be a limited lifespan for them. And of course, there’s a long list of third-party cases compatible with the older iPads, sold both online and in Apple stores.

However, the rumors turned out to be false, well, at least for now, and Apple has removed the “discontinued” line from the older Smart Covers and offers them both online and in-store.
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