Angry Alex Finds Out What Case Has Barack Obama Selected for His iPad

Angry Alex week 6

Angry Alex is my name and bashing ugly tablet cases is my game. This week there were a couple of accessories in definite need of hard slapping. I can understand it’s the holidays, and people have different things on their minds, but surely the cases were designed long before, and why do they have to be so bad looking is beyond me…

Take the Viper from Booq for instance. Sure, the tablet sleeve is durable and highly protective of the devices inside, but why does it have to be all black? A little contrasting color pattern never hurt anyone. The fact that the case has lots of pockets and is compatible with a range of devices, rather than just one, makes up for its ugliness, but still…

Booq Viper Functional and durable tablet sleeve, but with boring and unattractive design

Further down the line we have another folio tablet case from Targus – the Notepad Folio. I’m getting really tired of Targus “masterpieces”, despite their clean and slim designs. This one has a stylus holder and a notepad embedded in the case. But seriously, you do know there’s a notepad app preinstalled in the iPad? Back to the Stone Age, are we?

Targus Notepad Folio Slim and lightweight folio for the iPad Air, but what the hell a notepad is doing there?

Oakley is back to tamper with my nervous system. Their Halifax tablet sleeve delivers water repellent exterior, a zipper lock, and durable inserts on top and bottom of the case. But the overall design is quite far from the cool and hip sunglasses everyone knows and loves them for. What happened there guys?

Oakley Halifax Oakley keeps the tablets safe inside the Halifax sleeve, but completely forgets about the looks

Pad & Quill have done a fantastic job on their Contega Linen book tablet case. Not only is the case highly durable, but it also looks nice. Classic, silent design can easily make everyone confuse the case with an ordinary book, and thus enhance its theft protection capabilities. The case also sports auto sleep/wake, integrated stand, and elastic strap lock functions. I need to get me one of those.

Pad & Quill Contega Linen Contega Linen offers great protection and functionality, and oozes classic looks in the meantime

It looks like the NSA surveillance habits has gotten to everyone. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and AOL have written an open letter to Barack Obama, asking for steps to limit the Agency’s internet surveillance. Let’s hope the President will find time in between his Christmas shopping to address the issue.

NSA internet surveillance 8 technology giants have written to the President asking to put a leash on NSA internet surveillance

While Barack Obama is thinking how to limit NSA’s involvement in internet surveillance, he can browse a site or two on his iPad. It’s not a secret the President has several iPads and iPad cases, he’s been previously spotted with a Dodocase on his tablet. The latest sighting suggests he now prefers a simple tablet folio case with what looks to be a tab closure, and suede interior lining.

Barack Obama iPad case Barack Obama shields his iPad with a classy tablet folio case
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